Listen here to 5/12 songs of Alligator Gumbo´second album "Simmerin'" !

" - I first heard about the band a couple of years ago. I was reading news from the “old country” and noticed
that a local Cajun band (AG) would perform at the annual festival in Malmö, I thought, “why not ... why
shouldn’t a band of Swedes be able to interpret the music of rural south Louisiana”? After all, one can
listen to some great New Orleans jazz in Copenhagen , Denmark, just across the sound from Malmö.

So here’s Simmerin’, Alligator Gumbo’s second album with French music, as the Cajuns call their music.
We get twelve tunes. Ten of them are traditional songs. Two of the numbers are Thor’s compositions.
Le Long Voyage was written just before he departed on his journey back to Sweden. Cold Cajun was
written as an afterthought when he returned to the north. A couple of months before this CD was recorded
Thor visited Louisiana’s Cajun Country for the first time. He was able to sit in with local musicians at
jam sessions in Eunice and Lafayette. It was at these places that he introduced a novelty at the jams,
bagpipes. The pipes were played alongside the French accordions and the fiddles, and easily fit the mix.

The Cajun gumbo is necessarily not hot with pepper, but it’s well seasoned. Thor’s bagpipes add another
seasoning to the simmering gumbo pot. Simmerin’ is a good example of the music of south Louisiana.
It’s social music, made for family gatherings and other parties. This is how it sometimes sounds on
back porches, or at the dance halls here.
So let’s boil some crawfish, ice down the beer, and let’s dance! "

- Bengt Lindell, Welsh, Louisiana