Media and Articles


During the era of Alligator Gumbo newspapers and radio have noticed us. Here are some of this.

Why I like cajun?

After the tour 2018 with The Cajun Country Revival the magazine SCC had a interview with Thor. Text by Josefin.


A "swejun" comes to Louisiana

Welsh magazine in Louisiana, USA followed Thor's journey in Louisiana.

Text by Bengt Lindell

Klingan P2

After the release of our album Simmerin'. P2 Klingan played the first song "Eunice one-step" with bagpipes.


P4 Sveriges radio

Before the Alligator Gumbo performed at Frölunda Roots Festival, Götebog the produced Tomas Modig said a couple of words.

A journey to Cajun country

Roots Magazine made a chapter about Thor's journey in Louisiana.


Tour in Bornholm, Denmark

With our wonderful tour papa Thorkil Rasmussen's help Alligator Gumbo made a impression of the danish island of Bornholm.